Successful gig workers – in both the online world and in the corporate world – generally have three simple secrets that are often overlooked by others. In addition, they constantly learn how to sharpen their skill set and improve their business expertise.  For the successful freelancer, gig work is a business, not play.

Mindset is the first secret to thrive in the gig economy. Freelancers who have spent many years on a job must learn how to think about work differently.  No more boss telling you what to do; instead you must be self motivated.  No more bi-weekly pay checks; instead you must create invoices, track expenses and budget differently.  No more driving through traffic to the office; instead you can sit around in your PJs, if you like, as long as you get the work done.

These are just a few indications that you face when you are the owner and not the employee. There are other important shifts you must make in the way you think that will be discussed in detail during the online Gig Worker Summit on January 24-26, 2019.

Taking action is not necessarily an inborn trait but it’s certainly a skill that successful gig workers use. Thankfully, this secret can be learned. Successful gig workers don’t reach their level of achievement by over thinking their business plans or by waiting for opportunities to present themselves. Those are quick ways to stall your business. Instead, high earners develop the confidence to make smart decisions and take action after a sufficient amount of research.  They sign up for gig websites that meet their needs, learn best practices and implement them.

Knowing one’s limits and knowing when to ask for help is the final secret for gig workers. This understanding is evident when a high-earning gig worker hires other gig workers to help build a profitable business. They know they need help, they see the value in hiring support, and they plan their business growth carefully. By hiring the expertise needed, you can capture larger contracts and expand your business lines.

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Angela Heath, author of “Do the Hustle without the Hassle,” is a gig economy keynote speaker illuminating the impact of this new way of work on industries, businesses and individuals. She is also the host for the online Gig Worker Summit and the Boom Conference and Pitch Competition on May 23 in Silver Spring MD.