Game-Changing Keynote Speeches

Insight and strategies to harness the power of the gig economy

Angela brings actionable solutions that can be implemented systematically, successfully and immediately in the real world. Her fresh ideas, relatable personality, and powerful stories create an experience your audience will never forget.

Let Angela’s unparalleled passion and relevant insight provide you with a masterfully-tailored keynote address. Ignite creativity, instill leadership, and drive innovation into the heart of your business conferences and baby boomer events with Angela Heath.

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Ignite employee passion and drive to improve productivity, operations and sales

Angela is a nationally sought after public speaker and subject matter expert with good reason. She’s that good. I highly recommend Angela as a keynote speaker, author, trainer, and business coach.  
Elisse Barnes, JD

Your LinkedIn Driving Instructor

Angela Heath speaks on a variety of topics


  • Leveraging the Gig Economy (customized for companies, career professionals or individuals)
  • Guiding Clients to Unlearn How They Earn: Five lessons that will expand your business as a coach and career professional (customized for career professionals)
  • Extra Spending Money:  The three fastest pathways to cash, the online gig marketplace and business building basics (for audiences of seasoned professionals)
  • The Inner Hustle Game: Secrets for developing a Happy Hustle mindset at work to increase performance and innovation (for companies and seasoned professionals).
  • Secrets for developing an intrapreneurial mindset thereby increasing team performance and innovation (for companies and seasoned professionals).

What people are saying about Angela Heath

Angela is a wonderful speaker and counselor. She is a smart businesswoman who knows how to take control when necessary but also lets others have opportunities to excel and use their talents.

Angela genuinely cares about people and makes consistent strong efforts to provide the tools and instructions so people can fish for themselves. There are givers and takers in this world and Angela is an exponential giver with a high quality gift!

Katherine Dudley Hoehn

Consultant to nonprofits

I worked with Angela for a number of years.

She’s a great subject matter expert – particularly in the area of workforce development and entrepreneurship. She’s an excellent team member who always goes above and beyond. Excellent communication skills- writing and public speaking.

I highly recommend Angela.

Edna Kane Williams

Senior Vice President, Multicultural Marketing, AARP

Angela’s expertise & energy around how to re-purpose everyday skills into practical, meaningful side work has made her an invaluable adviser and trainer for our group. She has a true passion for helping this aging population thrive in their next life chapter. I am blessed to call her a friend, colleague and fellow boomer champion!

Shira Harrington

CEO, Purposeful Hire, Inc.

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