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Angela Heath, is an award-winning keynote speaker, trainer and author. After twenty years of running a successful consulting practice, Angela nearly lost it all when she joined her son’s three-and-a-half-year battle with leukemia.

Her inner hustle kicked in as she was forced to close one company and began building another one with very few resources and no clue about working online.

Today, Angela speaks globally on the new world of work (self employment and remote employee engagement) and how Ai can be leveraged by small businesses, mature adults and other technologically-challenged members of society.

By creating a number of Ai generators, Angela has simplified access to Ai without prompt engineering for solopreneurs and small businesses. To lean more, visit our companion brand

Her latest book, Do the Hustle Without the Hassle, teaches people, age 45 and older how to use the online gig marketplace.

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Write Your Way to Revenue Using ChatGPT.

Starting November 1, 2023

By the end of this four week course, you will complete your book manuscript and the framework for your high ticket offer. You will embed your brand voice and train the AI on your company expertise so you do not “sound like a robot.”


Teach Your Genius For Freelancers

Experts: 10x Your Content Sales Using AI and Bulk Orders

Thursday, October 19th 12PM ET and 7PM ET

Discover how AI can personalize your knowledge for your market’s current needs then learn ways to create your content once and sell it over and over.

Teach Your Genius For Freelancers

Unlock the Power of ChatGPT and other AI for Content Creators

Thursday, February 16, 1PM to 4PM ET

Are you a content creator looking to streamline your workflow and produce high-quality content at scale? Look no further. Discover more about ChatGPT and other cutting-edge AI apps that can help you do just that. Get the resources that you need to accelerate your creativity and business. This is an official National Entrepreneurship Week Event

Teach Your Genius For Freelancers

Do the Hustle Quick Start Self-Study Course

Do you want or need to earn more income using what you already know? Are you interested in a quick way to succeed online without a website, a domain name or a tech person sitting by your side? Let the Gig Income Guru show you how you can tap into the online gig marketplace AND grow a “gig-pire.”

AI Business Network

A network of entrepreneurs coming together to discover & test tools that revolutionize your small business. Use AI templates, where you input keywords to retrieve desired business information. No prompt engineering required. Send your VA to trainings that supercharge their ability to support you. Get free 1:1 consultation from experts to implement your AI strategy.

Join us on Zoom every Tuesday at 2PM ET.

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