Interview on ABC7

June 5, 2018

Boom Conference Organizer, Angela Heath, interviewed on ABC7. Let’s Talk Live about inspiring entrepreneurs. This Thursday in Silver Spring, Maryland there is a special conference happening called The BOOM Conference. It is for people 45 and older who are interested in learning a side hustle, starting a business and growing an enterprise. Angela Heath, Lorette Farris, and Judy O’Connor were here with more about the event.

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About Angela Heath

Angela Heath, the Gig Income Guru, is an award-winning entrepreneur and President of TKC Incorporated, an idea studio dedicated to guiding individuals and businesses in leveraging the gig economy. She is the creator of the “happy hustle hero” culture and mindset and guides her clients to achieve phenomenal levels of creativity and accomplishment by transforming their thinking from employee to that of an owner and creator.