Certainly you’ve heard the old adage, “Time is money.” If you’re a business owner, your time is valuable because you have valuable knowledge to share with your audience. Your time is best used catering to those customers and clients who need your knowledge instead of struggling over some back office tasks that are not customer-related at all.

The time you spend doing these non-customer tasks is money that you’re not earning back. So why is it you still feel the need to do everything in your business yourself, instead of investing some of your money on a virtual assistant or in software that will help automate certain business processes?

Outsourcing to Grow Your Business

Outsourcing tasks to a virtual assistant or biting the bullet to hire other gig workers can be scary, especially if you’re already on a tight budget or have limited clients. But in the long run, hiring these supports to complete tasks they are experienced to handle will make you money and grow your business.

Now, while your hired gig experts are doing their jobs, YOU can focus on what you do best: serving your clients and customers. That’s where you make your money, not in handling new software or your monthly bookkeeping. Your clients trust you to give them what they need to solve their problems, so focus on that, your specialty, and let the other gig experts focus on their own areas of expertise.

Grow Your Business Quickly by Using Gig Workers

Once you begin outsourcing to freelancers on a regular basis, even if you only have one contractor, you have gained more time in your day to serve your clients. This extra time allows for more email marketing, writing your book or signature class, or recording interviews for podcasters and other media sources. Basically, the more time you have to focus on money-making tasks as opposed to behind-the-scenes business tasks, the more profit you’ll make.

Of course, another step to quick growth is investigating how your company can expand by winning contracts in the gig marketplace.  Want some practical pointers and resources to help expand your business? Receive your complementary pass for the online Gig Worker Summit airing on January 24-26, 2019. www.gigworkersummit.com.


Angela Heath, author of “Do the Hustle without the Hassle,” is a gig economy keynote speaker illuminating the impact of this new way of work on industries, businesses and individuals. She is also the host for the online Gig Worker Summit and the Boom Conference and Pitch Competition on May 23 in Silver Spring MD.