Both the US and Canada are facing an  economic impact of the greying of the nations.  Watching these demographic trends help corporations understand what new products and services are needed and desired.  There are many market implications. This quick post is simply crafted to get you thinking about new possibilities!
What will retiring baby boomers do with their time during retirement? What products and services do they want and need? What will be sources of pain in their lives?
Certainly two issues are rising to the forefront for many baby boomers – caregiving and meaningful use of free time. The role of caregiving is a function of growing older. It is a common experience for most baby boomers. Similarly, the pursuit of old dreams to start a business or volunteer will be highly desirable. The prospects for my company are numerous as I help corporations reach the caregiving market and train baby boomers on how to make money using what they already know.
What are the implications for your industry? How can you meet the needs being presented both now and in the years to come?