The Future of Work and Business is Digital

Work anywhere, Speak everywhere.
Leverage it all.

The Future of Work and Business is Digital

Work anywhere, Speak everywhere. Leverage it all.

If you understand the online freelance marketplace, you will be better positioned for the future of work.

"The freelance economy is your vital key to an innovative, agile workforce."


“To speak professionally online, you need the right tools, techniques and tactics."

Angela Heath, is an award-winning keynote speaker, trainer and author. After twenty years of running a successful consulting practice, Angela nearly lost it all when she joined her son’s three-and-a-half-year battle with leukemia.

Her inner hustle kicked in as she was forced to close one company and began building another one with very few resources and no clue about working online.

Today, Angela speaks globally on the new world of work (self-employment and remote employee engagement).  She is Dean of the Virtual Speaking Academy which offers certification, training and coaching equipping  executives, professionals and entrepreneurs to be more confident, competent and creative when presenting online.

Her latest book, Do the Hustle Without the Hassle, teaches people, age 45 and older how to use the online gig marketplace.

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Cutting edge, relevant and transformative content.

Edifying, inspirational, and engaging style.

Training & Consulting

Custom online and in-person training.

Building an inclusive culture for remote staff.

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Events and New Resources

Free Entrepreneurship Week Daily Classes “Showcase Your Expertise” February 16-20, 2021.  9AM

Free Entrepreneurship Week Daily Classes “Showcase Your Expertise” equips you to capture more leads, partner with industry experts and attract raving fans. (February 16-20, 9AM).

Teach Your Genius For Freelancers

From Summits 2 Books
(Next class: March 1, 2021)

This four week course explains how to borrow superstar expertise to generate leads, host a summit AND FINALLY publish your book. That’s right, you can use our process to do both at the same time. No more excuses. Attract raving fans. Establish your thought leadership with a top-selling book.

Teach Your Genius For Freelancers

SHINE in the Marketplace Event: Get Seen, Heard, Inspired and Noticed as an Expert
April 1-3, 2021

Teach Your Genius For Freelancers

Do the Hustle Quick Start Self-Study Course

Do you want or need to earn more income using what you already know? Are you interested in a quick way to succeed online without a website, a domain name or a tech person sitting by your side? Let the Gig Income Guru show you how you can tap into the online gig marketplace AND grow a “gig-pire.”

FREE – Crush Your Goals: Reach New Heights in 2021

How can you overcome your excuses for not achieving your goals?

It comes down to understanding why it is essential to set goals, and then implementing a sure-fire process for achieving the goals you set. Thankfully, Crush Your Goals offers an exact process to doing just that.

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