Little-known Strategies for the 50+ Crowd to Help You Land a New Job or Attract a New Client

If you are bored spit-less on the job or in-between jobs, then you deserve to know how to play by the new rules and I am here to show you how.
You might be bored because you are not using your talents and skills in a way that brings you satisfaction or better still, fuels your passion. You may have gotten laid off only to find out that landing another job isn’t so easy.  In fact, it could take you up to a whole year to find one.

Whether you are looking for a new set of golden handcuffs; I’m sorry, I meant to say – your dream job or you are ready to test offering your unique self part time or full-time as a consultant, this FREE factsheet will help you.
After 20 years as a successful freelancer and consultant, I have had to pivot and turn as the times have changed. No, I don’t use the same strategies to secure clients that I used 20 years ago. Yes, I had to learn new skills and keep my game relevant.
You may need to pivot also.  In fact, I almost can guarantee that you need to. So let me quickly show you some really unique tactics to position yourself so you can land that dream  job or attract more clients.
No.  These are not mutually exclusive tasks.  My new factsheet will show you how.

This factsheet covers:

  • The advantages of freelancing and consulting after age 50.
  • How your expertise can shine.
  • Quick wins on social media.
  • How to use a common sales tactics to help you.

Check it out. As always, learn how to make money WHILE you look for a job.  You might find that you really don’t want or need a job.